Sunday, August 16, 2009

Camp WannaWannaHaveAGoodTime

keeping warm

Evan and Gino sitting in a tree


scary!! it looked like alien babies had tried to eat our brownies.
little footprints everyehere


More redwoods

Lukah doing a headstand

Pacific Ocean

Donna, Travis, Gino and Evan in front of one of the cabins

Riding around camp

Gino riding around camp

We just got back from our camping trip to Manchester Beach, CA. We had a wonderful time, all the kids except Lee and Annette were able to make it. We rented 3 cabins and Lyle and Ilene set up a tent. There were 14 of us all together plus two dogs, we didn't bring Lillie and Honey , they don't do too well out in the wild. It was a lot of fun. Each couple was in charge of one meal and everyone brought snacks to share, so it turned out all we had to do was cook breakfast and the rest of the time just sit back and enjoy. It worked out so well we are going to celebrate Christmas the same way.

My oldest (Gino) and youngest (Cooper) grandsons

Oh so sweet Baby Cooper

Lukah and the redwoods, just breathtaking

a fallen redwood

Hugs from
Camp HaddaHaddaGood Time

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