Sunday, August 26, 2007

A new friend


Is she cute or what!! We're lucky that we were able to rescue her and to give her a loving home. She is wonderful, she is so easy going, loving and funny.
P.S. Gino is really cute, too.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Morning!!

Hi girls been busy hope everyone is enjoying their summer. The weather here has been beautiful , mid 80's. The plants are also enjoying the cooler air. My plants did not take the move well and it just now looks like they are going to recover.
We have these neighbors that just keep helping themselves to whatever plants they like, so they stripped my peach trees of their peaches, the impatiens of all their flowers and anything else that takes their fancy like the grass that we are trying to bring back from the dead.
But how can you stay mad they're so cute.

Well I thought I would share my project, still in the making, a knit cosmetic bag. I love the stitch, looks hard but its not. I need to line the bag and add a zipper. Will show you when its complete.




Also, here is a mosaic lazy susan that I made. Loved how it turned out.

And I haven't posted any pictures of flowers lately, refer to first paragraph. But I was
able to take a of snap of these mums.

Hope your dog days are bearable.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Where is the time going?

I can't believe how fast the time is going. I am still trying to get the house in order from the move and knowing in the back of my head that the holiday shows are right around the corner. I have been knitting but have not felted anything, so nothing much to show except for this pile that will hopefully turn into beautiful purses, credit card holders, washcloths and knitting
needle holders

If all turns out well (the joy of felting, never quite knowing for sure what you might get) the chocolate brown becomes a felted messenger bag


I also need to work on my mosaics but it is icky hot outside and I have NO desire to go out in 100 degree weather.
Look at the pictures my daughter took of the hot air balloons that take off every morning from the valley. Pretty cool. Nice pictures Jennifer.

I was also very lucky and tied for first in blackout bingo from the Virtual Vacation Swap I just received four skeins of Knit Picks Crayon in red and two wonderful bars of Lime Margarita handmade soap (smells wonderful) from Sharon at . Go by and check out her wonderful soaps. How very lucky I am! Thank you, Anne, Jessica and Sharon.
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend