Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've been working hard

I have been knitting up a storm. I had an idea how about a hat and cowl in one so this is what I came up with, cinch it up and you have a hat, untie and pull it down around your neck and you have a cowl. I thought it was a great idea. What do you think?

I had bad news this week, the venue that I was going to show in this holiday season has cancelled. I was so looking forward to participating in this show. Plus, now it is too late to enter any of the shows around here they have already closed their signups for this season. I am so disappointed. I might only have the one showing this year which puts a rather large dent in my sales. I guess I am going to have to depend on etsy this year. ouch! Maybe something will turn up.


Village Books said...

I love this!

Dawn said...

Jane, what a brillant idea! I love the cowelhat. You go girl.

Haley said...

very fun hat/cowl idea. they look cute too!

Pomona said...

The hat is a really clever idea! Hope Etsy goes well for you.

Pomona x