Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Garage Sale

I am learning to embroider and am loving it. I basically do the stem stitch, back stitch and french knots. But its amazing what you can do with those stitches, and I am much more a student of the Sublime Stitching school of embroidery then the more intricate embroidery that is so gorgeous.

My new project, a set of napkins that I designed of a dandelion clock (you know that fluffy flower that you love to blow on when you were a kid or if your like me you still like to blow them into the wind).

So now on to the info about garage sales. Well, I look forward to spring for many reasons: the trees starting to get their leaves, the new grass, that special color of green that you see only at this time of year, flowers, flowers and more flowers and of course garage sales. My daughter and I get up on Saturday mornings and go crazy checking out all the sales. We love to collect all kinds of goodies. Jenn enjoys getting things for her 2 boys and I am always on the search for yarn, fabric, gently used linens, craft supplies and things for the garden. So I thought I would share what I was lucky enough to find: this embroidery stand that my fluff napkin is on and it was only 5 dollars, too cool. The women that I bought it from had given it to her Mom for a present and her Mom had recently passed away, she was happy that the embroidery stand was going to a home where it would be appreciated again, and it will.

Everyone take care and enjoy all that you have been blessed with,



Valerie said...

What a great find! I love Garage sales too, I love giving use to something that would otherwise go to waste. That is also beautiful embroidery! =)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks for swinging over to my blog and leaving that nice led me here to yours.
I esp. love the mosaic work...
The dandelion is wonderful, are no doubt a natural at embroidery as well as everything else you put your hands to!

floresita said...

This dandelion design is so lovely! I love the colors and stitches you used!!