Thursday, August 2, 2007

Where is the time going?

I can't believe how fast the time is going. I am still trying to get the house in order from the move and knowing in the back of my head that the holiday shows are right around the corner. I have been knitting but have not felted anything, so nothing much to show except for this pile that will hopefully turn into beautiful purses, credit card holders, washcloths and knitting
needle holders

If all turns out well (the joy of felting, never quite knowing for sure what you might get) the chocolate brown becomes a felted messenger bag


I also need to work on my mosaics but it is icky hot outside and I have NO desire to go out in 100 degree weather.
Look at the pictures my daughter took of the hot air balloons that take off every morning from the valley. Pretty cool. Nice pictures Jennifer.

I was also very lucky and tied for first in blackout bingo from the Virtual Vacation Swap I just received four skeins of Knit Picks Crayon in red and two wonderful bars of Lime Margarita handmade soap (smells wonderful) from Sharon at . Go by and check out her wonderful soaps. How very lucky I am! Thank you, Anne, Jessica and Sharon.
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend


Valerie said...

I was wondering where you disappeared to! I figured the move was keeping you away. I am glad to hear it's all coming along well and I can't wait to see your finished projects. They will, no doubt, be prettier than ever!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I hope your felted projects turn out as you want them to. Those are great pictures of the balloons, what a sight! I'm envious of your margarita soap and yarn win! :-) said...

Oh what a nice prize package! Looks good enough to drink that Love Sharons soaps, their fantastic!!
I'm sure all your lovely projects will turn out beautiful!!
Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

Congrats on Bingo!!

Awesome pics of the hot air balloons :o)

Monica said...

Congrats on winning!! I'm currently snooping around for the Scavenger Hunt!

jackie said...

congrats on winning blackout bingo! nice prize! the balloon pictures are great! hope you are settling into the new house ok. i am a fellow vvs tourist and live in novato. reading everyone's various blogs is real fun! take care

Beth said...

Ack! Must start Christmas crafts. You are so motivated!