Monday, October 8, 2007

Sssshhhhh don't tell

Can you keep a secret? I sure hope so.
Everyone now knows who they are Secret Santa to.
So lets have some fun.

Maybe go by every ones blog and visit and see what they are up to, maybe leave some comments, send an e-card or just a friendly e-mail wishing them a nice day. This is a friendly group and being friendly might pay off. I've got some very cute goodies here to share with whoever is voted the friendliest member of this swap (that's friendly to all, not just your swap buddy). So in a couple of weeks we will have a vote of who everyone thinks has been the friendliest and that person will receive a little package from me.
OK, lets get to being friendly....


Judy B said...

Hey Jane I just thought I would let you and evryone else know I have posted on everyones blog including I posted on evryones questionnaires.So hope evryone is having a great day!I know I am.

vegasangelbrat said...

Great idea visiting around, it helps keep the partners a You be sly one Jane! :)

Anonymous said...

Send Jennifer a nice hello from me to her!!!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Hi Jane, thanks for hosting this, it is going to be fun getting into the Christmas Spirit. Have a happy day!