Thursday, February 7, 2008


It has been a diffucult thing to do, taking pictures. It has been a bit bleak here and trying to take pictures in natural light has been almost impossible. But the weather has been glorious the past couple of days so the camera has been in full gear. So here are a few pics to share.

First, the girls waiting in line to have their pictures taken, make-up and hair done, they look patience don't they, but there was excitment in the air. Who was going to get the best shot, the better lighting, the most exposure. It was my job to keep everything in order, keeping both the models and the photographer happy, it was a job I was up for and a job that not just anyone could do.

Some shots of the girls in action:

Too many shadows

Too dark-over exposed
Getting better

Everyone left the shoot today feeling like a job well done. We were able to get some great pics.
Talk to you soon, hugs.....


Beth said...

Ack! The red one is FABULOUS!!

crochetoholic said...

What BEAUTIFUL gals!!! I love are so talented can you give me a few hints on felting? I am new at felting and when I tried the last two bags they did not come out as well as I thought they should, one was still too open in stitch and the other just looked over washed. I used "Lopi" yarn that my yarn shop told me was the best??? But I seemed a bit too "rope like" for me. And I crocheted it rather than knit it. I am beginning to wonder if that is not most of my problem since I am a loose crocheter...???