Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm bbaaccckk!!


I guess by now you have realized that I have been away from the blogging world. I was going to quit blogging and a funny thing happened. People kept e-mailing me to make sure that I was okay. Well I am doing just fine. I just got a bit overwhelmed at what I feel is the responsibility of blogging. Posting regularly, taking some great pictures to share and writing about things that are interesting to others. Well I decided to give it another try and maybe not take it all so seriously and just do what works.

I've been busy, a little french beret that I just sold.

So here we go:

First off-HOT, HOT, HOT it is about 105 degrees outside and I thank God for air-conditioning about every 15 minutes. I really do not like the heat. Perfect summer weather would be highs in the mid 70's. Okay that said, lets get back to reality. How to beat the heat, cool drinks, shorts, cool showers, fans, natural fibers and powder. Yes, I said powder, it sure helps to keep the sticky places not so sticky. Too much information. SORRY!

Right now you are probably hoping I will take another break from blogging. LOL

meyer lemon marmalade that I made, so yummy!

sweet baby sweater with stuffie

I have missed you guys and I know that I owe you a pattern for my blogaversary. So I need to get to designing and will post a pattern very soon.

cozy with needle-felted flower



Candi said...

Jane, I was just visiting your Etsy and hand to wipe the drool off my laptop before I could write anything vbg. My DH just fell, cracked a rib and will be off work for a while so my hands are tied for a bit. BUT I did mark your Etsy!
Lots of HUGZ:)

Valerie said...

YEAH!!! Missed you and your lovely bunches!!

vegasangelbrat said...

Glad your back, have missed you lots! Love the items you have made and boy that marmelade sure sounds yummy! I'm glad you were jsut busy and nothing bad happened!!

Daisie said...

Am really glad you've come back to blogging, I have just found you via your etsy shop, love your stuff!
Daisie xxx

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I'm glad to see your post. Do it when you can, don't feel pressure to keep it up. You're on my "list" so I check in every once in a while. Glad all is well!