Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Okay how goofy am I, I didn't get it. I thought I was swapping with Lia and that she was swapping with me and I thought she was confused about who her partner was but it was me the whole time. LOL. I'm so confused so I need to apologize to my swap buddy and I would like to say thank you for all my wonderful things. I must be getting old. So again whoever you are THANK YOU!

A flower just for you ....whoever you are?



Valerie said...

That is a very beautiful picture! What kind of flower is that ?

Jane's Designs said...

Valerie I'm not sure what it's called, I planted a bunch of different perennials this year but this one must love its new home cause its definitly showing off. There are about 30 flowers blooming now and another 30 ready to burst any minute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely flower. And yes, the flower is a sight to behold! Nice photography, too.

Anne said...

At least you understand now :) I'm sure your pal will not be angry now that you've realized she isn't lia! :D