Saturday, June 16, 2007


Oh I am so done with packing. I just want to move and be done with all of this. We keep boxing things up and there is still more to do. It's like it is multiplying while we sleep. And then the little boys have always got their hands in to help unpack what we just packed.

So with that said I have not been very productive artistically. I did finish blocking the headband for my daughter and then I made a little present for a blog friend and that's about it. I need to finish my purse for the exchange and then a pincushion for another swap and there is a embroidered pillowcase swap I would love to join but I just can't commit at this time, hopefully they will do another one soon (Is that a run on sentence, I have to remember to breath). Oh yes, there is the virtual vacation swap that I joined but it doesn't require making anything, but I probably will, that's half the fun.

Well, I'm off to pack and hope that everyone has a lovely weekend.


Valerie said...

I hate the moving process. I wish I had the ability to wiggle my nose and it would all be done. We're going to have to move in September, blegh. It's all worth it when you have all your things in a new home. Have a nice weekend!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I couldn't even imagine packing up and moving now. One of the reasons I decided to renovate some of my house to make it easier for me to get around rather than find something else. I didn't know you were in Napa! Lovely place, I want to go back.

Rodrigo said...

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Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Hi Jane,
hope the move is going well! Thanks for the compliments on my tank top!

knitsecret :-) said...

Wish you could leave now on your virtual vacation and return only when things are moved and unpacked!