Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hostage Freed

Finally we were able to get our mail and what a beautiful package was waiting for me. My Spring Felted Bag Exchange partner, Kris made this wonderful bag for me and also sent lots of goodies some already eaten by me, those involving chocolate (yes, those of you that have been following the news the chocolate did make it out and without causing any damage to the purse).

I love the detail on the front of the bag. Kris you did a great job (this is her second felting project ever).

Thank you Kris.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend........


Valerie said...

That is just beautiful! The detail definitely makes the bag! Glad to see you are getting spoiled!

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh that is a beautiful bag!!! Love the beads on it, really makes the purse. So glad the chocolate wasn't a problem!! :)

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

That's a kickin' butt purse! I love the colors and the beaded details. Kris did a great job. I love looking at everyone's purses to get ideas for down the road.