Monday, July 16, 2007

Making things

Meet the kitties

strutting their stuff

Here are some pictures of some things that I have made recently for a blog buddy. Valerie has 2 cats Kiya and Sigh and she loves embroidery so I thought I would embroider her some napkins with her kitties on the front and I also made her a skull washcloth. Too much fun.
Meet Kiya

and Sigh

Spooky huh. ; )

Love knitting washcloths. Quick and easy.



Beth said...

AAH!! So cute! I bought some patterns from Sublime Stitching and will try out some embroidery on vacation. I hope they turn out this cute!

Valerie said...

I love them so much! I swear your embroidery is soooo beautiful! I actually used the washcloth today and the soap today! Thank you again! You're wonderful!

on the wings... said...

Beautiful stitchwork/embroidery. Long before the days of blog-land and digital cameras (so I have nothing to show for it), I embroidered multi-colored sheep all over a pillowcase for my daughter. She was in pre-school and was required to have a pillowcase for her pillow and blanket for nap time. I wanted to make hers unique so that she could spot it in the pile of others. She continued to use the pillowcase through high school until it finally had to be "retired" due to the extreme wear of the poor material.
BTW, just saying hello from the KVVS list.

Miss Me said...

congrats on the blackout bingo win! i don't normally do washclothes, but that skull is tempting me...

p.s. pleased to hear that none of the hostages was harmed. great looking bag!

jackie said...

cute cats. really nice job on the embroidery. congratulations on winning vvs bingo! enjoy reading your blog.