Saturday, September 15, 2007

Panic Attacks

Oh man, I am trying trying to figure out why I have been having panic attacks. For the last 3 days I have been battling that horrible feeling. I can be doing just fine and then here it comes, it feels like my throat is closing up, my mind starts racing and I feel like I'm going to come out of my skin. Yuck!!! It is so scary, which doesn't help the anxiety. I had this problem years ago but was able to work through it. I'm hoping that I can figure out what has triggered the problem and get a handle on it. Wish me luck.
Now on to happier things....

Hey, where did you come from. What a ham!!!

We went to some garage sales yesterday and I found a beautiful red wool sweater (25 cents) that I came home and felted it so that I could use it for a project that I have been thinking of. I'll show you when I get it finished. Also sewing patterns from the 50's and 60's ( a cute apron pattern), vintage wrapping paper, and some cute note cards (all for 25 cents) how cool is that!!

I love this gift wrap

Also, I just finished a felted purse, I still need to come up with an embellishment for the front, maybe a felted flower or a needle felted design. I might need to ponder that for a while. Also, started a purse with the yarn sent to me by Tasha from the virtual vacation swap. It is the softest wool yarn it almost seems a shame to felt it, you did hear me say ALMOST. Oh yeah, that baby is going to be felted I just can't stop myself.

A little hair cut

A work in progress

Warm thoughts to all...


Valerie said...

I know the pain of panic attacks and I feel for you hun. I hope they chill out a bit and let you relax. Glad to see you blogging regularly again! I missed ya!! Oh and I must say I LOVE that black and grey bag! It's too cute!

Beth said...

Jane, I hope you feel better soon!

The haul from the garage sailing should make you proud! I never get that lucky. The patterns are great, and the "Happy BIrthday" cards are to die for!