Thursday, September 27, 2007

secret santa questionaire

Okay girls, if you would please:
1. Post these questions with your answers on your blog.
2. Leave your blog address in the comment section so that we all can come by and visit.
3. E-mail me with your snail address so that I can pass it along to your swap partner. My e-mail address if
4. And are you guys willing to share addresses with all the swap participates so that we can send Christmas cards to one another. If you are please let me know.
So please feel free to ask me any questions or to share ideas. I hope this turns out to be a lot of fun for everyone.


1. What is your Christmas style? Contemporary, traditional, glam and glitter, primitive, cute or something else.

2. Do you collect something special? Santas, gingerbread people, angels, maybe snowmen, etc...

3. Favorite holiday color. Fire engine red, lime green, burgundy, hunter green, pink and chartreuse or are you all about the metals, gold, silver or copper.

4.Favorite things--Food, colors, pastimes or anything that you think we should know or that you just feel a need to share LOL

5. Least favorite things--scents that might bother you, allergies etc. If you don't tell us we won't know.

6. What so you prefer--candy or cookies--those special things that we only make at this time of the year. Like fudge, caramel popcorn or Mexican wedding cookies, yum yum.

7. How about--coffee or tea

8. Do you wear knit or crocheted scarves? Yes or No

9. How about slippers? Yes or No, If yes what size.

10. Hats? Yes or No. Pin head or pumpkin head.

Hope these questions help, they are only meant to give some insight about your swap buddy. I want everyone to do as they please, there are no set gift rules to the swap.
Here we go.....


Valerie said...

Here's mine:

I'll email you in a bit with my address and info.

Judy B said...

I have sent you an email with my address and have posted the answers to the quetionnaire on my blog.Here is the blog address

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh you snuck this in after I
I'm in and I'm posting the questionaire tonight. Will email my info to you shortly too.
Can't this time of year!!

jopal said...

Can't wait to get started! Christmas is the best time of the year.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

mine's posted now! this will be fun.

Antelope Baby Industries said...

I'm a slacker and just now posted my questionaire. I will email with address and such!
Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

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