Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Where is she, you ask?

Here I am. Still in recovery mode from the show last weekend. I'm trying to decide on how I feel about the show.... And I guess I still need a little more time to think it through.......

But, I did take a leap and I put one of my eyeglass cases on ebay to see how it would do. It's nerve-wracking. Well I know what I'm going to be doing the next 5 days. Checking the listing every 5 minutes. LOL

Well here is the item that I put up for auction and a link to it so you can help me keep track.

So keep your fingers crossed.

I made some beautiful purses for the show and will post pictures in the next couple of days. I need good old sunlight for the best pics and it has been a bit overcast here.

Take care and will talk to you soon


Cycling Knitter said...

Have it on watch in my ebay, good luck

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh that so cute! Cool, I can actually say now I know someone on Good luck!!

Valerie said...

The show didn't go badly did it? I hope not. I hope everything went so well your overwhelmed and thus don't know what to think about it. =)

You positively evil by the way! Making me wait until the 24th until I open up my package. -=cries=- Posting about it tonight!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I think the eye glass case is wonderful! I hope it sells for you. If not, did you consider etsy for your items?