Sunday, April 29, 2007


My heart is broken the guys didn't win. Oh whats a girl to do. Now all my money (not really) is on Charla and Mirna. show us your stuff girls.
OK, my favorite TV shows are The Amazing Race and Medium I think Joe is a doll is he too sweet or what. Doesn't he and Allison make a great couple and The Amazing Race, we are getting down to the finish line. I know who I want ot win but almost more importantly is who I don't want to win--The Beauty Queens--They run a good race, I just don't care for them. Then Eric and Danielle and the girls Charla and Mirna and of coarse the winners Danny and Oswald. Who are your favorites? Oh yeah , we can't forget Phil but who would forget him!
Pictures: a hat that I recently knitted, and a beautiful rose, it smells better then it looks.

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