Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Been busy

I have joined two different swaps. One is a May holiday swap, we are to send something with buttons, something with apples and a ladybug of some sort and last but not least a favorite recipe, no extras allowed with this swap. The other swap is all about summer we are to fill a box from the post office jammed full of goodies (tooooo much fun) this swap is all about the extras and at least one item must be handmade. So now you know why I've been busy.

For the May swap I made an embroidered ladybug pincushion thanks to a wonderful site I found called, a kitchen towel with an appliqued apple and hand crocheted lace border and the work in progress is a pillow with embroidery and buttons.
Check out the pictures.

So I need to get hopping (Easter is almost here) and start coming up with some ideas for the other swap.

The picture is of a rose from the backyard.

Been fun,

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